Package macaron is a high productive and modular web framework in Go. It takes basic ideology of Martini and extends in advance.
The minimum requirement of Go is 1.6.

Quick Start

To install Macaron:
go get
The very basic usage of Macaron:
package main
import ""
func main() {
m := macaron.Classic()
m.Get("/", func() string {
return "Hello world!"


  • Powerful routing with suburl.
  • Flexible routes combinations.
  • Unlimited nested group routers.
  • Directly integrate with existing services.
  • Dynamically change template files at runtime.
  • Allow to use in-memory template and static files.
  • Easy to plugin/unplugin features with modular design.
  • Handy dependency injection powered by inject.
  • Better router layer and less reflection make faster speed.

Use Cases

  • Gogs: A painless self-hosted Git Service
  • Grafana: The open source analytics & monitoring solution for every database
  • Peach Docs: A modern documentation web server
  • Go Walker: Go online API documentation
  • Intel Stack: A 100% free intelligence marketplace

Getting More

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